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Newspaper Resources

The first site of resources are free sites and you do not have to go to a
library to access them and they are continously adding to them!

​      Elephind - over 175 million items (newspaper pages/articles) from 3,500 titles.  You can search multiple U.S. collections all at once.

      Chronicling America - over 12.2 million pages from 45 states.  Easy interface & growing constantly, although the growth is quite slow.

    Old Fulton Post Cards   -  over 39.3 million pages of New York State and many other states historical newspapers.  Rapidly growing and
        adding lots of non-NY content.  Search interface is powerful but needs you to learn it to be successful.

      Advantage Archives -  about 500 collections from 37 states.  The latest list can be found at Search 45 Million Historic
       U.S. Newspaper Pages from Advantage Preservation for Free! New software interface being rolled out which makes it quite easy to use.

      NYS Historic Newspapers - over 7.3 million pages - all from New York. Rapidly growing. Similar user interface to that used by
       Chronicling America.

     Google News Archive   - over 2,500 newspapers - gets an asterisk. You can still get to all of these newspapers, but the search function
       is pretty much restricted to newspapers since 1970.  And although these are the rules, some pre-1970 pages might sneak in. This is
       really too bad, since this is quite a large collection of otherwise non-digitized smaller newspapers.

      Small Town NewspapersThe site is somewhat hit or miss on which issues are available ... but this is definitely worth exploring.     
        once you select a state, try the text archive first so you can see which newspapers are available for a particular title.

       Newspaper Abstracts -  Abstracts of 120,000+ newspaper pages


250+ Killer Digital Libraries and Archives This list contains over 250 libraries and archives that focus mainly on localized, 
   regional, and U.S. history, but it also includes larger collections, eText and eBook repositories, and a short list of directories to
   help you continue your research efforts.

Newspaper Research Links by State

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