Benzie Area Genealogy Society

"Genealogists do not gather facts, but breathe life
into all  that have gone before them"
                 Family Tree Magazine
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                   The Benzie Area Genealogical Society (BAGS) is a non-­profit organization promoting interest in genealogy.
                   The Societies objectives include:

                              • Promoting an interest in genealogy

                             • Encouraging and instructing members in genealogical research methods 
through careful                           

                               documentation and use of quality genealogical standards
                             • Promote the sharing of genealogical research

                             • Encourage the deposit of genealogical records in locations accessible to Society members and others

                                              General Meetings & Programs
                                     Are held April – October
                                     2pm – Second Wednesday of Month
                                     At Benzie Historical Museum
                                     6941 Traverse Ave, Benzonia, MI 
                                     Everyone is welcome to attend!